RipFest Ambassador Program


           As registration for Winter and Summer camps are open and already starting to fill up we wanted to remind everyone of our RipFest Ambassador Program or RAP. If you are looking for a FREE week of camp than you will want to keep reading.

            When people register for our camp they are able to put who referred them to our camp. For every seven people that use your name as a reference you will get a week of camp for FREE. If you have seven or more people use your name as a reference you will also receive a FREE RipFest shirt.

            There is no limit to how many people can use you as a reference or how many free weeks you can receive! So help us promote our phenomenal camp by help yourself to get FREE weeks of camp. 

            We encourage you to tell your friends, teammates, schools and all of social media that you are involved in RAP and are looking to earn FREE weeks at Ripfest! We also encourage you to get all of your teammates and friends involved as well!

            If you have any questions please contact