Every summer RipFest brings together hundreds of athletes and coaches from around the world for a one-of-a-kind diving camp.

World-Class Experience

  • In order to best serve each athlete we boast an incredible 1:8 coaching to athlete ratio.
  • In addition to developing the physical athlete, the RipFest curriculum includes diving lectures to maximize the diver's knowledge of the sport
  • In addition to diving, we also offer incredible activities each evening for all athletes and coaches.
  • The holistic RipFest training curriculum is designed by 2008 Olympic Head Diving Coach, John Wingfield
  • Our coaching staff is comprised of professional coaches.
  • RipFest is home to the largest and most advanced diving dryland center in the world.
  • Olympians frequently visit the camp to share their stories and host meet & greets.

Commuter Athlete: $430 first week $380 each additional week

Stay Over Athlete: $665 first week $615 each additional week

Coach: $425 per week. For every 4 athletes you have attend you get a FREE week as a coach

Group Discount: Teams that have 4 or more athletes attend each athlete gets $50 OFF

RAP: If seven people put your name as a reference you get a FREE week of camp

2018 Summer Camp Dates

Week 0: Masters Only Weekend May 24th- May 27th

Week 1:  May 27th - June 1st

Week 2:  June 3rd - June 8th

Week 3:  June 10th - June 15th

Week 4:  June 17th - June 22nd (Olympic Day June 21st)

Week 5:  June 24th - June 29th 

Week 6:  July 1st - July 6th (College Recruiting Week)

Week 7:  July 8th - July 13th (College Recruiting Week)

Week 8:  July 15th - July 20th

Week 9:  July 22nd - July 27th

Week 10:  July 29th - August 3rd

Week 11:  August 5th - August 10th

Week 12:  August 132th - August 17th


If you are a commuter you will need to be dropped off before dryland every morning and then can be picked up either after water practice, lecture or evening activities it is up to you. We just ask that all commuters are picked up by 9:45 each night.   **Schedule subject to change

If you are a commuter you will need to be dropped off before dryland every morning and then can be picked up either after water practice, lecture or evening activities it is up to you. We just ask that all commuters are picked up by 9:45 each night.


**Schedule subject to change

Check In

            Check In is on Sunday from 10:00am-12:45pm at our camp house which is located at 108 South Olive Street Arcadia IN 46030. If you are driving you will notice that it is a renovated church. We just want to make sure that when you arrive you do not feel like you are at the wrong place. You will see a RipFest Flag flying on the flagpole.  If you are going to be there after 12:45 please let us know so we can plan ahead. We do not supply food until dinner on Sunday so please make sure you eat before you arrive at Check In or bring a snack.

Check Out

            Check Out will be on Friday between 2:30-3:30 at our camp house which is located at 108 South Olive Street Arcadia IN 46030. On Friday we will have a diving meet at the pool parents are more than welcome to attend. If after the meet you would like to leave directly from the pool please make sure you check out with our staff.


            We separate all rooms by age and gender. We try to accommodate as many rooming requests as possible, however sometimes we are unable to do so due to the age breakdowns. All of the girls rooms and all of the boys rooms are next to each other and the only time campers really spend in their own rooms is when they are sleeping. So just because someone may not be roomed together does not mean they will not be able to spend all of their time together.


            We are able to do Laundry for campers. We will wash it, dry it and fold it. It costs $5 per load and can be paid in our store.

Spending Money

            We have a very large camp store that has suits, apparel, drinks, snacks and all sorts of other things. Last year we took parents credit card numbers over the phone and held tabs open. This seemed to not work as well as we would have liked with numerous cards being declined at the end of the week. This year we are asking that campers bring cash, checks, credit cards, or prepaid credit cards with them if at all possible. If parents do not want their kids to hold onto the money themselves we are more than happy to keep their money or cards locked up. That way when the campers want to buy something we have their money or cards and can give it to them or only allow them to purchase what the parents have told us they can purchase. We are also willing to charge a credit card at the beginning of the week and then keep track of how much they have spent out of the charge. That way we can make sure the card goes through and the camper has a certain amount they can spend.


What to Bring

           Please make sure that you or your camper brings sheets, pillows and bedding for a twin bed. We do not supply bedding for the campers. As this is a diving camp we recommend that they bring towels, suits, shoes, and bathroom products along with whatever else they may want to bring.

Airport Shuttle

            When you registered online you had the option to pay for an airport shuttle ahead of time.  If you are flying and already paid this fee when our driver picks you up there will be no fee associated with it. If you have not paid this fee ahead of time it is $25 each way from the airport. Our shuttle driver will be in contact with you before your arrival to make sure you know where to meet.  If you do have any questions please contact travel@ripfest.net

Unaccompanied Minors

            We are able to accommodate unaccompanied minors. Please contact us a week or two before your trip and let us know you will need this. That way we can make sure we tell you the correct person who will be picking up the minor at the airport. The airlines will need to know this in order forthem to be able to go through security.

Arriving a Day Early or Leaving a Day Late from camp

            We have had a lot of people as about arriving a day early or leaving a day late because of flight times. We are more than happy to accommodate this request. It is just a $25 fee for each additional night. If you are staying from one week to the next there is no weekend fee for the weekend in the middle. We do not supply food from lunch on Friday to dinner on Sunday. We will take people to the store or restaurants to get whatever food they need we just do not supply food for them. We also have a kitchen anyone who is around on non camp days can use.

Nearby Hotels

            In Nobelsville Indiana there are two Marriott hotels next to an Applebee’s we recommend ifanyone is looking for a nearby hotel.

Addresses to Facilities

Hamilton Heights High School

25802 S State Road 19

Arcadia, IN 46030


RipFest Village

108 south olive street

Arcadia, IN 46030


Forest Park Aquatic Center

1077 Cicero Road

Noblesville, IN 46060


            If you stay for more than one week there is a $50 discount for all the extra weeks. If you have 3 or more kids come from a club the coach can come for free. If you have 4 or more kids come from a club they each get a $50 discount. If when registering more than 7 people use a person as a reference that person gets a free week of camp (this can not be used with club members if they are getting the club discount together).


Campers In Leadership Training Program

            This summer we are doing a Campers in Leadership Training Program or CILT to try and teach campers how to be better leaders and role models.  Click Here to apply

Photography during camp

            Everyday our staff takes hundreds of photos and posts them on social media at camp. However if you would like professional photos or videos taken Randy Richards will be working with our camp this summer to do just that. Website

Pre Order Suits

            Each year we make a custom RipFest suit with Springboard Fashion.  You are not obligated to buy these suits they are just something extra in case anyone would like them. We will have a few at our camp store to sell. But if you want to guarantee that you will get the right size you can pre order the suits and have them shipped to RipFest so that when you arrive they are there waiting for you. http://www.springboardfashion.com/ripfest-2016-camp-suits.html