Every summer RipFest brings together hundreds of athletes and coaches from around the world for a one-of-a-kind diving camp.

World-Class Experience

  • The holistic RipFest training curriculum is designed by 2008 Olympic Head Diving Coach, John Wingfield.
  • Our coaching staff is comprised of professional coaches.
  • RipFest is home to the largest and most advanced diving dryland center in the US.
  • Olympians frequently visit the camp to share their stories and host meet & greets.
  • In order to best serve each athlete we boast an incredible 1:8 coaching to athlete ratio.
  • In addition to developing the physical athlete, the RipFest curriculum includes diving lectures to maximize the diver's knowledge of the sport.
  • In addition to diving, we also offer incredible activities each evening for all athletes and coaches.


  • 8:00- Wake Up and Breakfast
  • 9:00- Dryland Practice
  • 12:00- Lunch
  • 2:00- Pool Practice
  • 5:30- Dinner
  • 6:30- Lecture
  • 7:30- Nightly Activity (Campfire, Volleyball, Water Balloon Challange, etc.)
  • 10:30- Lights Out


When: Sunday- 11:00am-1:00pm

Location: RipFest Camp House- 108 South Olive Street Arcadia, IN 46030

Food will not be provided until dinner, please eat before you arrive and bring a snack.


When: Friday- 2:30-3:30pm

Location: RipFest Camp House- 108 South Olive Street Arcadia, IN 46030

Parents are welcome to attend the meet at Forest Park Aquatic Center which begins at 11:30am. 


Rooms are separated by age and gender. We work diligently to accommodate as many rooming requests as possible, but we cannot guarantee roommate requests.


Laundry is available for campers and can be purchased for $5 per load at the Camp Store. 


RipFest's Camp Store is available for campers to purchase suits, apparel, toiletries, tape, drinks, snacks and much more. Campers can open an Athlete Account during Check-In. Athlete Accounts act as a bank account into which money can be placed for the camper to use during their stay. Campers can access their accounts at the Camp Store. All accounts are kept secure and remaining sums will be returned at Check-Out. 


RipFest offers a shuttle service for those flying into Indianapolis International Airport. The one-way fee of $35 can be purchased during registration. Please email travel@ripfest.net and provide your camper's flight information. A counselor will be stationed, beginning at 10am, in baggage claim to meet campers until the RipFest shuttle arrives.

Arrivals: Campers should arrive between 8am-12pm on Sundays

  • RipFest shuttles run at 11am and 1pm on Sundays

Departures: Campers should schedule departures after 4pm on Fridays

  • RipFest Shuttles run as needed for Departures


What if I miss the shuttle or can't find a flight that fits the shuttle schedule? 

   If your flight arrives outside of the shuttle pick-up on Sunday, you will be able to schedule transportation with an independent shuttle service. 


  • A Camp Counselor will be stationed at IND to greet any unaccompanied minors arriving late outside of RipFest shuttle pick-up times and will transport them to the camp. 
  • We will accommodate any delayed or canceled flights. 


Please contact us before your trip if you are flying your child as an unaccompanied minor. We will inform you of their shuttle driver, who will pick them up and drop them off at the gate. 


We are more than happy to accommodate early arrivals or late departures. Each additional night's stay is $25 and can be purchased during registration. RipFest Camp does not supply food from lunch on Friday to dinner on Sunday. Counselors take campers to the store or restaurants to purchase food for the weekend. The kitchen is available to use over the weekend. 

Please note, there is no additional fee for weekend campers. The $25 fee only applies to early arrivals or late departures. Shuttle services run on an as needed basis for early arrivals or late departures. 


Campers in Leadership Training is designed for campers completing 9th-12th grades. The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for older campers to build positive peer relationships, enhance self-esteem through confronting new challenges and building skills, increase self awareness and understanding of their individual leadership potential, and develop themselves as role models and leaders within their community. It is our experience that these skills learned at camp are transferable to other areas of camper’s lives. After completion of the program, participants will receive a letter of recommendation from the Camp Director and John Wingfield.

Please direct all inquires to the Camp Director.