We strive to offer incredible customer service, check out some of our frequently asked questions, and if you need more info, contact us at any time!

What Makes ripfest the best diving camp in the world?

RipFest is the premier diving program in the world.  Led by the incredible 2008 Olympic Diving Coach, John Wingfield, who is widely regarded as the best developmental diving coach in the world, RipFest hosts hundreds of divers, coaches, and teams of all ages and abilities throughout the year.  With an incredible curriculum, professional coaching staff, and world-class facilities, RipFest offers elite training programs for all while having fun and making life-long friendships!

Who can join the ripfest diving experience?

We accept athletes of all ages and abilities.  From taking that first plunge from the diving board all the way to Olympian, RipFest is uniquely equipped to offer a highly individualized and holistic curriculum through our clubs, clinics, camps, and team trips.

what forms are required in order to register?

We require all athletes to carry a USA Diving membership that can be purchased at www.USADiving.org.  We also require additional forms for media release and medical consent that can completed online during registration or prior to arriving at camp.

How are campers supervised during their stay?

We have brought together the finest coaches and counselors to assist with ensuring all campers can enjoy their training and stay under the safest environment possible.  All coaches and many of our counselors are First Aid, CPR, and AED certified and ALL coaches, counselors, and athletes over the age of 18 undergo an extensive interview and background screening process.

Can my child room with their teammate and/or friend?

We have separate rooms and wings for male and female athletes as well as coaching staff.  We have several different size bedrooms to accommodate our athletes.  Athletes are housed together by gender and age.  In the event a roommate request is completed during the registration process, we will do our best to accommodate the request.


Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to stay in the camp house. For those campers who wish to be overnight campers we want them to have a full camp experience. We also want to make sure that we leave as much space as possible for our coaches and athletes so they can enjoy their experience as much as possible. For those parents who want to stay close by we encourage you to check out one of the Marriotts in Noblesville. 

What do weekend campers do and how are they supervised?

Over the weekend campers will be supervised by our counseling staff 24/7. We do not supply food after breakfast on Friday to dinner on Sunday. Our counselors will take the athletes to do activities such as bowling, movies, shopping, mini golf or whatever else they would like to do as long as it follows our rules. We do not pay for any extra activities. Our counselors will also take them to get food and go to the store. The athletes will have access to our kitchen to cook whatever food they would like. 

What is the refund policy?

We will do our best to work with athletes in the event of a refund request through many options:

If an athlete notifies us earlier than 14 days prior that they are not able to attend the week they registered for, we can switch weeks at no cost, offer a credit for the amount paid, or offer you a partial refund.

If an athlete requests a refund later than the 14 days prior, there is a $300.00 processing fee per session.  Please note if your athlete checks in late or departs early for any reason, there is no refund. We also do not prorate for coming in late or leaving early for camp.

How can i arrange transportation?

We suggest having flights arrive before 12:30PM on day 1 of camp and departing after 4PM on the final day of camp.  If you are in need of transportation to and from the Indianapolis International Airport please contact travel@ripfest.net with your flight information.  The cost for the airport transportation is $35 per person each way paid upon arrival to camp if it was not paid during registration. 

Can I stay an extra night?

For every additional night you would like to stay in our camp house it is $25 this does not include food or training. If you would like to add those at an additional cost we can discuss options with you at that time.

What should athletes pack for camp?

We recommend the following packing list:

- 3-4 Suits                               - Shorts

- 2 Towels                               - T-Shirt

- Tennis Shoes                         - Twin Size Bedding

- Sandals                                  - Pillow

- Sammy                                  - Comfortable clothing for non-training hours

- Cash for Camp Store & Weekends