What is the CILT program?

The Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) program is designed for campers completing the 9th-12th grades. The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for older campers to build positive peer relationships; enhance self-esteem through confronting new challenges and building skills in the area of their choice; increase self awareness and understanding of their individual leadership potential; and develop themselves as role models and leaders within their community. It is our experience that these skills are beneficial at Camp and are transferable to other areas of camper’s lives as well. After competition of the CILT program you will get a letter of recommendation from the Camp Director and John Wingfiled.

If I am a CILT, what will I do at Camp?

CILT’s will choose two program areas in which to apprentice during their time at camp. An example might be Tie Dye or scavenger hunt. CILT’s will be scheduled to apprentice two times per week, during which they will have the opportunity to assist a counselor or resource staff with an activity, learn new skills, and further develop existing skills under the mentorship of an adult staff. CILT’s may also decide as a group to organize various all- Camp activities, giving them the opportunity to create, plan and implement their ideas. CILT’s will also help out with organizing nightly chores and make sure their rooms are doing what they need to do at all times. All CILT’s will participate in all camper activities they will just have the option to do more to help the camp run.

CILT Quote: “I think it was valuable. I learned how to work out problems. I learned how to work as a team better, and to trust and communicate better”.
So, you’ve been to RipFest before and had a fantastic time. You are eager to come back to camp, but are in high school now and ready for some exciting new challenges! Our Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) Program was created just for you, with special activities and responsibilities appropriate to your age and abilities. First time campers can also enroll in the CILT program.

Can I still do other activities at Camp?

Yes, absolutely. CILT’s are still campers and we want everyone to continue to enjoy all their favorite Camp programs. During the course of the session, CILT’s may choose to participate in any and all camp activities. 

Can I be a CILT if I’m only coming to camp for one week?

Yes, but we suggest campers be a part of the program for at least two weeks.  

Do I have to be a CILT?

No, in fact you should only be a CILT if you want to. Participation in the CILT program is optional. However, all campers eligible to participate in the CILT program will be asked to make us aware of their decision on the first day of camp. Therefore, we strongly encourage eligible campers to think about their decision before arriving at Camp. Campers who decide not to participate in the CILT program cannot be admitted into the program late should they change their mind.

If I might want to return to Camp as counselor one day, do I have to be a CILT?

No. Though campers who participate in the CILT program have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills, the CILT program is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee of future employment at RipFest